How to apply

To find out how to apply for a degree at Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, please follow the instruction and you will learn more about the application process and discover what happens after you apply.

1. Choose the program you want to study.
2. Click on the following image to download the Application Form.
Application Form for International Students of BIGC 
3. Fill in all fields directly on the computer.
4. Print out the form, sign it and send it by e-mail to us.
6. Await the admissions decision by email.
7. Applying for a visa.
8. Make sure about the language requirements.
9. Determine whether you need Chinese language courses at BIGC.

Supporting Documents
Apart from your personal passport, you may be asked to provide various documents to support your online application. All documents should either be written in English or accompanied by certified English translation.

Undergraduate Program in English:

High school diploma; official transcript

Undergraduate Program in Chinese:

High school diploma; official transcript; HSK test result

Master’s Program in Chinese:

Undergraduate degree; official transcript; HSK test result
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