Attending university can cost a fortune. To make ends meet can be difficult for college students. It is, therefore, very important to secure funding for your higher education. Fortunately, at BIGC we have been thoughtful over our prospective students’ financial needs by drawing support both from the university and industry.

Two types of university scholarship are provided to the eligible foreign students studying for a degree at BIGC: Beijing Municipal Government scholarship and BIGC scholarship.

Beijing Municipal Government scholarship is provided in the form of tuition waiver of 20,000 yuan per year. BIGC scholarship is provided in the form of accommodation fee waiver of approximately 19,000 yuan per year.

Besides the university scholarships, various scholarships and awards established by industry-related businesses and alumni are announced on a yearly basis. The amounts range between several thousands of RMB.

There is no need to apply for scholarship. When you submit your application for degree program with us, your scholarship application is automatically considered. If the eligibility criteria are met, relevant fees are waived or deducted in due course once you start at BIGC. The competition for scholarship is intense, and the awarding is mainly based on academic merit.

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