It is very important for a college student to be able to pursue academic ambitions without distractions, and meanwhile to enjoy the mobility that every young person needs for broadening one’s own horizon and seizing every opportunity.

BIGC is a perfect match in terms of location to meet such needs. All our three campuses are closely located to each other in Daxing District, the southern suburb of Beijing. We enjoy a comparably lower density of the population, and the facilities are not under a great deal of pressure by users, in a quieter part of Beijing.

On the other hand, you can get connected to the outside world in an instant. SIE is based on the main campus, outside the gate of which is the Subway Line 4 which takes you to downtown Beijing in less than half an hour. A regular campus shuttle speedily joins the other two campus with the main one. The whole ride takes less than ten minutes. Beside, we are conveniently located in the busy part of the Daxing. Major banks, hospitals, restaurants, a shopping mall and a supermarket are within walking distance. Public transport stations are by the gate.

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